Monday, 18 June 2012

Facial Oils

Using oils on the face is a great way to keep your skin supple, smooth and hydrated. All skin types can benefit from this, even the oily ones out there like me! I thought I would begin by showing you a new oil I have discovered here in India, Kumkumadi. I recently purchased the version by Kama, it is the company's best selling product and is marketed as 'miracoulas beauty fluid'.

This is an Ayurvedic formulation and many different brands make a similar product. The fluid contains a blend of oils and herbs including saffron which will illuminate your skin tone. Banyan tree helps smooth fine lines and liquorice acts as an antiseptic. This oil should only be used in the evenings as saffron can make the skin photosensitive in the sun. You are recommended to use this every night and should see results after one month, due to my oily skin I only use this a few nights a week but am finding my skin is glowing more than usual. I found a website that ships a similar product internationally if anyone is interested.

Some other oils that are great for using on your skin in the evenings are rose hip and jojoba. Rose hip contains Vitamin A which makes it a great choice if you have oily skin, it is considered one of the 'dry' oils. It also has Vitamin C and E which together can help improve signs of photo-ageing (from the sun), helps cell regeneration and can also increase the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin. The life span of rose hip oil is approximately three to six months depending on different products, a trick is to smell it, you will know if it has gone rancid.

Jojoba oil is fantastic for use on the face and body as it mimics sebum or skin oil more than any other natural compound. It has antibacterial properties which help balance your skin's pH level. This oil is a natural antioxidant which will help fight free radicals in your skin. Jojoba oil is stable and if stored correctly in a cool, dark place it won't diminish with age. Most oils go on easier when the skin is a little damp, you can use warm water or rosewater, it gives some slip and helps the oil disperse easily over the whole face. Massaging the product in will help give tone to your facial muscles and improve blood circulation for a true glow!


  1. Interesting post! Btw did some major damage to the bank account on that website you told me about - ordered some ASAP products. Can't wait to try cause my skin is going downhill!

    1. Thanks glad you liked the read. Good luck with the new products, if you got a few products all with AHA's and haven't used any on your skin before it might be a good idea to introduce them slowly so you don't end up with skin peeling. My sister experienced a little of this in the first few days but it was fine after two weeks. Hope your skin loves them!