Monday, 11 June 2012

Coconut oil - one of my Indian discoveries

Since living in India I have become a hug fan of coconut oil and it's many uses. Back home in Australia I had read about and seen it for sale but since I have fairly oily skin and hair never really thought about buying it. Now that I am living in a desert area during summer where temperatures have been hitting 42 degrees celsius I have desperately needed some hydration!

My hair and scalp had become very dry and I have found that giving myself an overnight treatment with coconut oil has really helped. Every few weeks I just rub the oil into my hair and sleep in it. The next morning after washing your hair it looks shiny and healthy and all around fabulous.

To combat dry skin you can rub the oil into your body as you would a moisturiser, this works best after a warm shower. Another great way to use it on your skin is to add around two tablespoons of coconut oil to to a warm bath. While your relaxing the oil seems to absorb into your skin and after you dry off, your skin will feel silky smooth and super hydrated.

This photo was taken by my boyfriend while in South India at a coconut oil factory, it takes around 30 coconuts to make two liters of oil.

I have also read that you can use it internally and sales of coconut oil hit the roof when Miranda Kerr was quoted as saying she took around four tablespoons a day. I however am a little bit sceptical, I could understand there would be some benefits but I know the oil is high in saturated fat so if I ingested that much per day I'm sure I would look nothing like a Victoria's Secret model. I think I'll stick to using it externally. 

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