Friday, 15 June 2012

Chakra Balancing

I have recently been learning a therapy offered in the spa I'm working calling Chakra Blanancing Massage. There are a few different elements which are very interesting and also really relaxing with a holistic approach. To give you a little background, in Indian medicine chakras are wheels or energy centres located along the spine. Anodea Judith says "A chakra is believed to be a centre of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy". There are seven main chakras, six of these are located in a line from the base of your spine to the centre of your forehead. The seventh is the zenith point as it said to be beyond the physical world and honours your spiritually connection.

Tibetan singing bowls are one of the elements of this therapy that is a totally new experience for me. These bronze bowls are used mainly in Asia for meditation, music, massage, Reiki and relaxation. The sounds these bowls produce is very beautiful and can help you ease into a state of relaxation. You can knock the bowls to produce a bell like sounds or rub the  playing stick around the rim (similar to rubbing your finger around a crystal wine glass) to create a harmonious vibration that can be felt and heard. 

In the Chakra Balancing therapy three to four Tibetan singing bowls are placed down the centre of you spine whilst your laying face down on a massage table. There will also be one bowl in the hand of the therapist, these bowls are each in turn chimed from largest (located at the base of the spine) to the smallest (in the therapist hand) and back again. The sound of the bowls immediately gives a centering feeling to the body. When each bowl is vibrated slowly by moving the playing stick around it, these vibrations slowly travel to each and every cell, nerve, tendon and muscle. The slight vibration gives relaxation to places that are unable to be touched any therapist in a standard massage.  These vibrations have been said to awaken dormant energy and balance the chakras. The final element of this treatment is a hot herbal poultice massage. A poultice is made from therapeutic herbs or flowers and tied in cloth, this is then soaked in warm oil and massaged over the body for a healing and beneficial massage. The combined aspects of this treatment leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and grounded in yourself.

The first time I felt the effect of the singing bowls was breathtaking. I was only on the bed for a matter of minutes and as soon as the vibrations started the relaxation rippled through my body. This is a beautiful treatment to take some time out, meditate and balance yourself. I am considering buying a set to bring home, I think it would be nice to offer something different to clients and I would love to give this treatment to my family members. There is so much more to be said about chakra balancing and I have been enjoying researching and learning about this vast subject, hope it may have opened your mind to therapy for you that will benefit your mind and body. 

Sending you this update from my little slice of heaven in the evening heat, feeling very blessed!


  1. Hey Rachel, I found your blog via Beautylish. You have a nice layout and it's very interesting, you deserve more followers. I enjoyed this post because it's not something you see often.

    I followed you as well, keep up the good posts!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, yes this blogging is all very new to me so I'm just learning along the way. So glad you are enjoying it and finding it interesting! I'll have to come and check out your blog! Thanks agin.