Monday, 17 September 2012

Chanel - Rouge Noir

My most recent nail polish purchase has been the classic Chanel shade of Rouge Noir. I have been lusting after this for around a year or two for a few reasons. One being the amazing deep red/black colour and the other being the history attached to it.

The shade was first released in the grunge period of the mid 90's with the designers working to the colour brief of 'dried blood', could it any more melancholy? The shade has also been sold under the name Vamp and it proved so popular that the company created both 'Very Vamp' and 'Metallic Vamp'.

One of the reasons this shade is so well known is that is makes an appearance in the classic film 'Pulp Fiction'. A favourite movie of mine, this polish is worn of the hands of the amazing Uma Thurman. Surprisingly the colour was discontinued but luckily it was re-released in mid 2000's so we too can now have the deep, dark nails of a wicked woman.

I love pairing mine with an equally vampish lipstick like MAC's Rebel or Bobbi Brown's Black Cherry. Keep the complexion and eyes clean and simple, and add a flick of black liner for a touch of mystery.

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